Many faces of Tiki

 Traditional polynesian tiki's all have different meanings in their faces. If the eyes are looking up the tiki will offer protection. The eyes looking down brings good luck. The mouth of the tiki can be smiling to show happiness or open to bring peace. If the tongue is sticking out that is the sign of a warrior. Designs are then carved into the top of the head to complete the story. Turtles are used to represent long life and family. Flowers show love. Tribal designs are often used to bring polynesian culture and aloha into each tiki making it a unique work of art.

 I use many different wood all found on the island. Monkey pod and Milo are my favorites because of the two toned color. Monkey pod is brown and yellow and Milo is a reddish color. Milo is also used in making ukulele and canoe in the Hawaiian culture. Another wood used is Hau. The bark of the Hau tree can be peeled and used to make hula skirts.

Monkey Pod color
Milo wood red color
Black and grey Hau tree